Advertising Business Tailors Video Ads To Target Markets

Advertising Business Tailors Video Ads To Target Markets

Advertising business TidalTV has announced a partner ship with personalization technology provider Eyeview to tailor video ads by consumer demographic, geolocation and even local weather conditions. They are confident that the result will be greater awareness and conversion rates. Advertisers have been looking for better ways to connect with consumers using the unique capabilities of digital and video.

The partnership will allow TidalTV to ensure greater relevance when a video is served. Eyeview's technology offers viewers personalized video experiences based on specific real-time data feeds, so that advertising can be customized to account for local weather conditions, geolocation, current deals and prices, demographics and other user information. TidalTV has aggressively raised capital since its launch in 2007 to establish itself as a player in the online video business with its one-to-one ad "decisioning" technology.

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