Web Advertising and Online Video

Web Advertising and Online Video

Web advertising and media companies say that they have money to invest in original web video programming, but the problem has been building a loyal audience that will make this investment pay off. Sites like Hulu, CollegeHumor, Blip.tv and Cracked.com are all trying to draw recurring viewership by enticing users to tune in at a certain day of the week, and running TV-like promos for web shows or cross-promoting series against similar content.

Fullscreen Inc. has begun promoting web shows by tapping people with large followings on social media sites like YouTube and Twitter, and using them as a mouthpiece. They also introduce video creators to established YouTube stars, hoping this will get them further publicity by acting in or helping to make a show. Video creators are now building their own distribution channels through social media rather than relying on traffic from sources like Google search and online advertising.

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