Increasing Popularity of Outdoor Advertising Formats

Increasing Popularity of Outdoor Advertising Formats

The flashy Rolex on the billboard matched my brand new Rolex that flashed on my wrist. I had purchased this awesome Rolex Oyster Perpetual from goldsea24 after striking a profitable deal a month ago. Goldsea24 is one of the best websites offering the latest designs and models in watches and other fashion accessories and I'm an ardent fan of their exhaustive catalog.

The billboard was now behind me as I maneuvered my way through the rush hour. My interest in the latest outdoor advertising technology has kept me updated with the numerous formats focusing on the consumers "on the go". I often look around for the innovative outdoor advertising formats in the four categories of street furniture, billboards, transit and alternative. It's really interesting to note that annual revenue of $6.99 billion was generated in 2008 in the USA through outdoor advertising. The figures certainly speak volumes about the caliber and impact of outdoor advertising as an important marketing format.

Advertisers are now lapping up the unparalleled ability of digital and electronic billboards to change their messages rapidly and efficiently. Networked billboards or those that are operated from remote locations have added a new dimension to outdoor advertising formats. Local businesses are increasingly turning towards this digitized medium to target consumers on busy crossings, highways, buildings and other public places.

I must confess that in spite of my wife's repeated warnings to keep my eyes on the wheel and the road ahead, I still end up admiring the massive Rolex hoarding looking down on me ,on a busy street.

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