Successful Pay Per Click Campaign For Your Advertising Idea

Successful Pay Per Click Campaign For Your Advertising Idea

Pay per click is the latest advertising idea that is a platform like Google AdWords offer businesses fantastic opportunities to effectively target customers online who are searching for their services. An effective strategy is necessary to get the most out of pay per click advertising, though. Targeting keywords and writing compelling ad copy are important, but you should also consider the 'landing page' you point your ads to as well.

One of the big mistakes that people make is to use their home page as their landing page. If someone has typed in a specific keyword, then clicked on your ad, they will expect that you take them to a page which provides specifics about what they searched for, not an irrelevant page or a home page. By sending them there you run the big risk that they won't bother to navigate their own way to what they're after, but simply hit the back button and click on the next ad.

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