Team Building to Increase Creativity

There are plenty of tactics you can use to improve your team’s performance, and they all fall under the category of what is commonly known as ‘team building.’ The term includes a wide range of strategies and exercises that need to be performed by the team in question, the purpose of which is everything from increasing its productivity to getting it to be more creative in solving complex tasks. Here we are going to discuss what exercises you can do to increase the creativity.

Papercopter challenge

Divide the people into groups of three and tell them that their job is to build a paper helicopter. After they have finished the exercise, test their helicopters to see which one descends last. The benefit of this exercise is getting the people to work together on a job that requires exploring different ideas and testing various concepts.

Telephone art direction

Tell your people that they will be working in pairs, and that their job is to find an item to describe to their partner over the phone. The one describing it has to make sure that the other one draws it correctly, but without telling them what it is. “This exercise makes the participants a lot better in communicating with each other, which is a very important factor when it comes to creative problem solving” says Milan event planning agency  Smart‘s Manager.

Human machine charades

Make a list of machines for your group to make. Assign each team with a different machine and tell them that their job is to simulate it correctly, including not only the basic construction, but sounds and moving parts as well. After they have completed the first part of the task, tell them to present their work to other groups, making them guess the machine in question. This teaches the participants how to work together.

Meet your match

Make a list of things that usually appear together, such as milk and cookies. Assign each of the items to a different group member and make them guess what they are. After they have completed the first part, tell them their job is to find their match. This exercise improves both team work and communication skills.

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